Tauquir Ahmed started his career as an actor in theater, television and independent movies. He made his 1st feature film Joyjatra in 2004. Second feature film “Rupkothar Golpo” in 2006. Third feature film “Daruchini Dwip” in 2007. With a long interval he made his 4th feature film “Oggatonama” (THE UNNAMED) in 2016, 5th feature film “Haldaa” in 2017 and the last feature film “Fagun Hawaya” (In Spring Breeze) in 2018 (In post production).


Directed by Tauquir Ahmed,
Released in 2017.

16th Dhaka International Film Festival 2018
-Best Director (Bangladesh Panorama), Film: Haldaa
Amar Bhashar Film Festival 2018 by DUFS
- Hirala Sen Award Film: Haldaa

8th SAARC film Festival 2018
-Best Film Award, Film: (Haldaa)
-Best Editor Award, Film: (Haldaa)
-Best Cinematography Award, Film: (Haldaa)
-Best Music Award, Film: (Haldaa)

Oggatonama (The Unnamed)

Directed by Tauquir Ahmed,
Released in 2016.

Film Fest Kosovo,Goddess on the throne 9th edition 2016
-Best Director Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)
-Best Screenplay writer Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

Religion Today Film Festival,Trento,Italy 19th edition 2016
-Jury mentions Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 5th edition 2016
-Best Director Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

Cutting Edge Film Festival,USA 2016
-Best Narrative Feature Film Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival 2016
-Jury Mention Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

Dhaka International Film Festival 2017
-Jury mention Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

7th SAARC film Festival 2017
-Best Screenplay Award, Film: (Oggatonama-The Unnamed)

National Film Awards 2017
-Best Film, Film: Oggatonama (The unnamed)
-Best story, Film : Oggatonama (The unnamed)

Daruchini Dwip

Directed by Tauquir Ahmed,
Released in 2007.

National Film Awards 2007
-Daruchini Dwip won the National Film Awards total seven categories in the year of 2007.

Dhaka International Film Festival,DIFF 2008
-Audience Choice Award (Film: Daruchini Dwip)

Bali Film Festival, Indonesia 2010
- Best Foreign Language Film Award (Film: Daruchini Dwip)

Rupkothar Golpo

Directed by Tauquir Ahmed,
Released in 2006.

Meril Prothom Alo Awards 2006
-Best Film Director, (Film: Rupkothar Golpo)

Dhaka International Film Festival,DIFF 2007
-Audience Choice Award (Film: Rupkothar Golpo)


Directed by Tauquir Ahmed,
Released in 2004.

National Film Awards 2004
-Best Screenplay (Film: Joyjatra)
-Best Director (Film: Joyjatra)
-Producer (Film: Joyjatra)

Meril Prothom Alo Awards 2004
-Best Film Director, (Film: Joyjatra)
Dhaka International Film Festival 2004
-Special Mention Award (Film: Joyjatra)

Up coming Feature film “Fagun Hawyay” (In spring breeze)

Directed by Tauquir Ahmed.
Released in 2019